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Going Natural Black Hairstyles

Name: L Abbott

Occupation: News Editor


Twitter:  LdotAdot@twitter
Who is your Favorite model?
Paul Robeson

What is your favorite book?
The Autobiography of Malcolm X

What is your favorite movie?

Why did you become a model and what is your goal as a model?                                                                            

I feel that there are far more people that look like me (or similar to) that purchase what we wear/use than the models in most advertisements. I know that I would have liked to see more diversity in media as kid, so hopefully I can contribute to change the 'standards' of beauty.

How important is your hair as a model? Why do you choose to wear your hair the way you do?

As a model, I think the representation of black males with locs will be an important staple in multimedia.  Especially, the positive view of these black males.  Its very clear that there is a lack of representation of these males.  And when they are seen, they are portrayed as either super earthy organic ganja smoking brothas or really gangsta type hoodlums.  I know this because when I meet strangers, they are actually surprised that I don't represent either one of those portrayals. And the more  positive 'average' black male with locs images that are represented, the less negative stereotypes will be assumed.


Going Natural Black Hairstyles


Photos from Dream Reality Photography

What does your hair mean to you? Is it just an accessory that compliments your personality and style or is it deeper than that?

I like my hair but it is not the end all be all to me.  I enjoy it as much as I do my other features.  Yet I do realize it is a flagship of representation for me to other people.  I have a lot of pride and I was raised to love what I am.  Whether it is the tone of my skin or the texture of my hair.  Whether my hair are in locs or a Caesar or a free form fro, I'm going to love it.How important is a woman's hair to you?

Does a weave, relaxed hair or a natural head bother you or do you have a preference for either of these styles?

I prefer If a woman is both confident with whichever hair she chooses to have yet understands the history/complexes/ psychological impact of hair.  It is a bit disheartening when anyone of any race or creed is not proud of how their hair naturally is.  Especially if they have had those feelings since a child.  This means they never had a chance to think freely of their own appearances.  It is very interesting when I hear when some say 'it's too much work' to be natural or 'I can't get my hair wet'. How can it be a harder task to be your self? But if a woman, understands what she is doing to herself, then she has every right to do what she wants.  That goes for anyone really.

Is the texture of a woman's hair important to you? And length?
A healthy texture is important to me.  Moisturizing goes a long way.  Length has no bearing to me as long as it fits you.

Do you think black hair is an issue? Why or why not?
Black hair is a definite issue but just the tip of the iceberg as far as issues in the african/african american community.  It has a lot to do with people's self esteem and in turn, how great they can be with out those mental hang ups.

Last Words?

This sounds real hippy-ish but : Just love yourself.


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