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The All Time Pick-Me-Ups



Stressful day at work? Tough week at home? Whether it is your career, your young family, your parents, your friends, your home town or simply your lack of sleep that is stressing you out at the moment, it is time to give yourself a proper treat. Even though our modern lives are often fraught and busy, making it difficult to find a significant amount of time to devote solely to you, making time for yourself is crucial to your sense of wellbeing. Making time to give yourself a bit of a makeover is sure to boost your spirits.


Start with your hair. Book an appointment at your favourite hair salon, but don’t just go for a trim. Ask them to give you a lengthy slot in their schedule so that first you can discuss what kind of new style might suit your hair, your face shape, your lifestyle and your personality. If you can find a style that helps you to look good on the go, this could save you time whilst also making you feel fantastic all day long. Once you’ve chosen your new style, get your hair washed and your head massaged for optimum relaxation and stimulation of blood flow to the brain. Then sit back and relax as your hair is cut and styled into your fabulous new look.


Making time for your girlfriends is also a must if you’ve been feeling the stresses of day to day life recently. Take a trip into town and spend a while indulging in some good old fashioned retail therapy. If you’ve been working hard, treat yourself to something special - a new dress, a necklace or some fabulous shoes. Make it something frivolous that you might wear out with your friends or to a party, and not something you’ll use every day. This makes it more of a treat. Head to a high street store like New Look where you’ll find a wide range of affordable shoes for all sorts of occasions.


Even simple things like buying a new shade of lipstick, wearing your hair down instead of up or painting your nails in a bright new colour, can give you a lift. It gives you a confidence boost that helps your personality to shine through and alleviates stresses and tensions. It takes your mind onto other things and helps to make you feel special. Next time you’re feeling the pressure, try a touch of makeover therapy and see if it works for you.

The All-Time Pick Me Ups   




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