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An important social engagement


Getting your hair done is one of the most indulgent and relaxing luxuries of modern life. The simple act of surrendering your precious tresses to the hands of another can make you feel like a new person.


First of all, an appointment at the hairdresser’s translates as one, two or three hours where you can’t do any work, you can’t catch up on your emails, you can’t phone your mother and you can’t take care of the kids. An appointment at the hairdresser’s means a few stress free hours where all you can possibly do is sit back and relax. Furthermore, it is something that you already planned into your schedule, which means it is to be enjoyed guilt free.


Secondly, you get to have a lengthy conversation with someone about yourself, without worrying about seeming vain or self-centred. This person is here solely to listen to you, to help you look great, and to feel great about the way you look. Furthermore, this is not a sin. In fact, it does you good. Caring about the way you look is an important part of taking care of your self esteem. Another recommended treat to lift the spirits is a spot of lunchtime shopping during your lunch at work. Heading down to the high street for a little browse and picking up a fun item will boost adrenalin, and complement the haircut! For easy, fashionable and inexpensive fun, pop into New Look for a quick hunt of women’s New Look dresses.


Thirdly, the process of getting your hair cut is in itself very therapeutic. Head massage is well known to promote oxygen flow to the brain helping you to feel calmer and more energetic. On another level, the small talk, celebrity gossip, local gossip and general sense of camaraderie so often found in the hairdresser’s shop is also a form of relaxation.


So if it has been a while since you last booked yourself in for a hair appointment, why not pick up the phone and give your favourite hairdressing establishment a call? Whether it’s a whole new style you are after, or a simple trim, it could be the most relaxing social engagement you make all week.



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