Natural Hair Coils

This is a perfect style for naturals, transitioners and even non-naturals. It took me a minute to figure out how to do coils because you need to know a few tricks but if you know how to put rollers, it should be a breeze to achieve this look.


What you need:

~ Freshly washed untangled hair
~ Rattail comb (only to part)
~ Tangle Teezer
~ Going Natural Herbal Gel
~ Silky Shea Hair Butter
~ Soft Flex Rods
~ Spray bottle with water

Herbal Styling Gel - Curl KeeperSilky Shea Hair Butter UnscentedFlexrods


Going Natural Herbal Styling Gel - Flex Rods Going Natural Herbal Gel

Now the trick is that your hair should not be wet. It can be damp and if your hair has completely dried just use a spray bottle to add a little moisture while you are rolling your hair.
If your hair is completely wet it will take forever to dry. You can use a comb but in my experience the Denman brush works best because the anti-static rubber needles take out tangles and stretch the hair in such way that the coils nearly automatically roll themselves around a rod.

Hair With FlexrodsHair With Flexrods

Another trick is to have your hair sectioned before you start in 6 to 12 big part. It makes it easy if you have the parts twisted up. Then you can work in sections by taking a twist out and roll that section in as many parts as you like. The smaller the sections the quicker your hair dries and the longer the style lasts.

So once you start parting your hair, add a little Going Natural Herbal Styling gel to the needles of the brush and brush it through your hair. Make sure your hair is not completely dry if you do this. A little dab of water will make it easier to untangle your hair and easier to absorb the herbal gel.

Also if the gel is too stiff for you put the jar in a bit of warm water. That will make it smoother and easier to work with. If your hair is tangle free roll it around the twist-rod and bend the rod so your hair stays in place. Repeat until all sections and all hair is in rods. The advantage is that you can sleep with these rods without a problem. Take them out when the hair is completely dry and viola: you got coils! Coils work in every environment, work, a night out and even casual. Tie your hair up at night and you should be able to wear them for a weak.

Natural Hair Coils


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