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Brooklyn Fashion Week is looking for Runway Models Do you have what it takes to represent diversity and beauty on the runway? If so Fashion Week Brooklyn RUNWAY wants to see you in action!
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"A black woman's hair is like her soul, it can be damaged by harshness and lack of understanding, but in its resilience lies its true strength".

I never realized how brain-washed I was to think that my hair could only be managed if it was processed with harsh chemicals.

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US Army and Natural Hair After fierce criticism from African American soldiers backed by the Congressional Black Caucus and an online petition that gained more than 92,000 signatures, the US Army has rolled back the...
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Natural Hair Care

Controlling one’s coarse hair texture is a real problem sometimes. In particular, if you are a 4C type. Although, many natural products are able to help us to find a remedy, it remains difficult to...

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Black woman with natural hair - Cornrowed Bantus

Are you getting your hair done for the holidays?


Blac woman with natural hairstyle Cornrowed updo
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So, I got my hairdo for the holidays and I am very pleased. You can read all about it here.

Now what are you planning for your hair this season? Are you going to a salon or will you be creative yourself?

Do you need a special hairstyle for the holidays at all when you already spend so much on gifts? Or is it a nice gift to yourself?

Share your thoughts right here in the comment box or via facebook.

Thanks & Cheers!

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