Mireille Liong photograpy

Mireille Liong photograpy


In the midst of admiring these never before seen outstanding styles, I realized that exposure to these amazing examples can make a world of difference in a Black girl's life. I for instance, would probably still have relaxed my hair but I would definitely not have repeated the treatment to the extend that it caused hair breakage and scalp damage over and over again; I would have known that there were endless other beautiful options for girls like me blessed with healthy naturally nappy hair.

Overwhelmed, yet inspired by the whole experience, I started to ask and shoot whoever wanted their picture captured. It was a once in a life time experience that I just needed to share.

1.000 shots later, this collection has become a most colorful exhibition to promote the beauty of Natural Hair, show its versatility and educate people about a hair type with trapped roots, dying to break free after a life time of stereotyping.

Here are a few of the portraits. Click on the images for more of the collection. Please contact me if you are interested in showing this collection.





Man with cornrowscrown of locsWoman with cornrows and bantus