Miss Nappturality; the one and only pageant to choose America’s Next Natural Model

Afro1Miss Nappturality is an annual pageant organized by http://going-natural.com in search of America's Next Natural Model. Last year's winner, Tiana Tamara Townsel is today's Miss Black Washington.

The goal
The purpose of
Going-Natural has always been to celebrate African hair naturally as well as to raise awareness about the hair issues that women of color are facing today*. With this competition, the organization intends to take its cause to the next level; broader and more in-depth. The goal of the Miss Nappturality competition is to set an example of natural beauty to show:

~ young girls and women of color that natural hair is beautiful
~ the corporate world that natural styles are professional
~ the beauty and fashion industry an unexplored world of hair and styles that they miss out on

The ultimate objective is a wider acceptance of natural hair styles as well as promoting healthy hair care practices that will lead to healthier hair and scalps in the African American community.

The Pageant
Ten aspiring models will compete for ten weeks for the title of Miss Nappturality via the website http://going-natural.com. This site will provide each model with personal web-space to express herself throughout several challenges. Weekly votes from a jury and the online community will determine who earns the title and becomes the new face of Eden Body Works.

The word Nappturality was invented by Patricia Gains. Since she founded the website http://nappturality.com in 2003, it has grown into a movement. With over 60.000 members it is host to the largest forum on the World Wide Web where women of color from all walks of life can blatantly discuss and share their personal natural hair experience.
To honor Patricia’s hard work and to carry on all she’s doing, Going Natural named the pageant Miss Nappturality.

Drs. Mireille Liong-A-Kong is the author of Going Natural; How to Fall in Love with Nappy hair, the paperback that lists nr. 1 on Amazon’s list of natural hair care books. She is also founder and host of http://going-natural.com an online Natural Hair Care Magazine.
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