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Longest dreadlocks in the world

Asha Mandella is Guinness World Record holder for the longest Natural Dreadlocs. With over 19 feet of locks, Ashas hair alone is a beautiful work of art. In this style, however, her locks are showcased in what resembles a chain lock of Dreadlocks. The locks are simply braided and wrapped at the crown of Ashas’ head. The braided locks are separated into two larger braids and left to hang on the right side of her head.


Ashas’ locks are beautiful displays of natural hair and the unlimited possibilities.  You can achieve this same look by gathering your locks into one large ponytail at the crown and braiding the locks around the base of the ponytail. Bring the remaining hair to the side and split into two large braids. 

This style will cost approximately $100 for most locks, the prices would be more depending on the length of the hair. With proper care, this will last up to 3 weeks.

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Hairstyle: : Interlocked Locks by Twist n Curves Natural Hair Salon 

Hair Type: Long Natural Hair

Model: Asha Mandella
Photo by: Unknown

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