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Bantu knot Hairstyle by Locs of Nu Hair Salon

Locks of Nu has taken the simple Bantu Knots and combined a simplistic braided design to create an impressive up-do.  Looking at the style, the eyes are immediately drawn to the lines of the wave-like corn rows on the sides of the models hair.  The addition of a stylish Hump in replace of a bang, is also interesting.

To achieve this style, the hair is washed and conditioned. Then the hair is sectioned, and braided into the center of the head using a creative design. When choosing the design be sure that it complements the models features, as this one does. The ends of the cornrows and the single braids are then twisted upon itself to achieve the Bantu Knots.  This style should take a little over 2 hours to complete, and may cost an estimated $75. By caring for the hair at night, including wrapping the hair, this style can last up to 3 weeks.

Hairstyle: : Bantu Knots by Locks of Nu

Hair Type: Medium lengh curly Hair

Model: Unknown
Photo by: Unknown

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