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African American woman with natural hairstyle in Arlette Pender

This was achieved by using a bantu knot wet set then thoroughly dried released then finger styled...

Note:t his was done on relaxed hair, the model wanted to know how she would look with a natural hairstyle


Stylist: Arlette Pender
Salon: Hairloks by Arlette Natural
Model: Kalethea Smith-Washington
Photo: Portraits by Theresa
Hair: Arlette Pender




If you want to create this style yourself you can do so by the following instructions.

What you need:

Fresh clean conditioned damp hair; we recommend one of these shampoos and conditioners.

Going Natural Herbal Styling Gel; To hold the style while keeping a silky look and feel.

Create parts like you would if you would roller set your hair. Add ample Going Natural Herbal Styling Gel to each part and twirl it around your finger until it's completely twisted. Now wrap the twist around its base in a ball on your scalp and secure it by tucking it in its base or with a pin. Take the bantus out when your hair is completely dry and finger style.

Model: Kalethea Smith-Washington
Photo: Portraits by Theresa

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