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Going natural at Here and Now TV Show The taping was last week Wednesday. A couple of weeks before the TV show "Here and Now" called me to ask if I wanted to be on the program. It was BAD Hair Uprooted, the 10th anniversary celebration...
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“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” ― Hillary Rodham Clinton

Are not all napps equal?
Why are all the models on natural hair sites light skinned with long, silky curls?
Weaves, wigs and extensions are not always protective. Just saying!

Crinkles & Curls

Natural Girl Kendra I was so excited to start the first grade here in Puerto Rico. The night before the first day of school I laid out my clothes, and I even laid out my green barrette to match my green shirt. I could...
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Whether you wear your hair natural or in locs a braid out is an easy style any one can do. Even for those who don't know how to braid very well. Believe it or not, all you really need is a healthy...
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Girl with Natural Hair 

Due to the strike there were not as many visitors as expected but that was no reason stop the celebration. While the cafeteria was filled with delicious food, toys and coats, for the less fortunate, the vendors were exposing there goods as best possible to attract the crowd.

And one thing is for sure. Black events are never boring. There is always music, food and hairstyles to enjoy. 



Natural couple

Kwanzaa is clearly about family. There were many couples, families and children enjoying the program that was an interesting mix of music, dance and educational information.

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