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US Army Rules for Natural Hair Just as dark skin is genetically different from light skin, African hair is hereditarily different from European hair. When it comes to hair though there is more to it than just the percentage of...
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Bad Hair Uprooted

8396574d95794033d7aae68618be5bc6 More than excited, I am elated about Bad Hair Uprooted, the 10th anniversary exhibition featuring a myriad of your head turning Natural Hairstyles. I like this to be a community...

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Robert E. Cornegy on Natural hair As the elected New York City Council Member for the 36th District, Robert E. Cornegy Jr. is representing the vibrant communities of Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights. Besides his height his long...
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Curl Definition for tight curls

Fro-Hawk with going-natural hair Care Products

Fro-Hawk with going-natural hair Care Products

As a contestant of America's Next Natural Model Season 5, Lydia tried to see how the Going Natural Hair care products would work for her Fro-Hawk, one of her favorite natural hairstyles.


Curl definition for natural hair

Curly hair curl definition

Curly hair curl definition

As a contestant of America's Next Natural Model Season 5, Lydia tried out the Curl keeper Herbal Styling Gel to show off our curls! Her goal was to find out how to get Curl Definition at it’s’ best!  :)


Untangle with the No More Knots Detangler

Natural Hair Care Videos

Natural Hair Care Videos

Natural Hair Care Videos; Twist out with 4C Hair, Untangle with the No More Knots, Twists with the Curly Twist Out haarmelk and the Curl Keeper, Two Week Twist Out.


The Curl Keeper, my Holy Grail

naturally curly with the Curl KeeperA

naturally curly with the Curl KeeperA

If you have tried one hair product after another but still have not found what works, look no further. This Holy Grail is what you have been looking for.

Going Naturals’ Curl Keeper is not hard to love. First, I love the light yet mesmerizing scent. It's fresh and smells like cucumber, hmmmm. Then this is the only product from the many that I've used that stays true to its promise of long lasting curl definition without leaving residue. I love it!

It makes my twists shiny and keeps the frizz out and then when I do a twist out, my crinkles stay in shape for almost a week. I have never had that with any product. 


Easy remedies for an itchy scalp

remedies for an itchy scalp

remedies for an itchy scalp

There are few things more irritating than an itchy scalp. The human body has many marvelous ways to get our attention, to let us know that something is wrong. When you scalp is itching, it is for a reason. The problem is, that there are a lot of factors that may cause itchy scalp, and to remedy the situation, you must do some detective work.


Kinky dry African hair in Australia

I found your website on google.
I have very kinky African hair (dry type) if a 4d type exists that's mine. and I am very prone to dandruff

I live in Australia and it is impossible to know how to care for natural hair.

I know you have a product page but I would like you to please advise me of specific of the following:





Hello Tavonga,

Thank you for your visit. I am happy you found us.

I know what you are talking about. I have lived in the Netherlands for over 10 years myself. Not only did the cold 4-season climate a number on my hair, using the wrong products very often caused my scalp to be itchy and dry.

Now I know that easy regular maintenance with the right products can change this for the better providing that you are a regular healthy person with a reasonable healthy diet.

The one shampoo that I can recommend because it never failed any of my customers is the Olive Soap. This wonderful shampoo cleanses incredibly well without stripping strands but actually softening the hair. It is truly a miracle shampoo.

The Detox Conditioner is another one of my highly recommended products. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it instantly. What makes it special is that your hair will stay soft for days after using it and you will feel your strands getting stronger.

If your strands are really dry and you prefer a grease type of moisturizer, I would recommend the Silky Shea Hair Butter . It's rich full and will never leave your strands dry. If you rather have a water based moisturizer, I would recommend the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk. It's up to you to make this choice. You know what your hair strands respond best too. Some like water better, other hair types prefer oils.

Another tip that I like to give you if you are blessed with those precious tight coiled African strands is that detangling wet while in the shower is one of the best ways to detangle hair. The tighter the strands the more delicate they are. So treat them accordingly because the main reason our strands dry out and break is because of rough treatment.




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